Cheesy Sundried Tomato Crackers


So…show of hands, how many of you remember gorging on goldfish crackers as kids?

Hell, I used to work in childcare and would gorge on goldfish crackers as an adult while simultaneously feeding the children. Oh calm down, we fed them fruits too.

My point is: cheese crackers are tasty and addictive and if you don’t agree then the following recipe might not tickle your fancy at all. But who doesn’t love a cheese cracker? And who knew cheese crackers were so incredibly easy to make? I certainly didn’t.

Let’s go through the ingredients:



That’s it.

And really, it’s mostly cheese.

I used Monterey Jack, but Nigella uses cheddar in the original recipe. I also added some sundried tomatoes (another Chungwon obsession) for some extra personality. Feel free to get creative and add your favourite spice or flavour into the mix.

The Nigella way is to dump everything into a food processor and blitz until a dough forms. I adore Nigella and have absolutely no problem with this method, so if you have a food processor, go for it. Since I don’t, I used my standmixer instead. A hand mixer would also work.

All you’re really doing is smooshing everything together, so anyone up for a bit of an arm workout could totally do this by hand. Just make sure your cheese is grated finely so that it incorporates with the other ingredients easily.


It might look a bit crumbly at first, but you should have no trouble shaping it into a disc with your hands.


After a bit of resting in the fridge, it’s ready to be rolled out and cut into adorable little homemade cheese crackers!


Since we’re shallow, we elected to poke some holes in our circular crackers with what Chu coined, her “ghetto tool” (aka. three skewers tied together with a rubber band). Yep, we’re fancy over here at FNF.


Look how EVEN MORE ADORABLE they get after a bit of time in a hot oven.


I might have to make more of these immediately. NO ALISON, YOU HAVE READINGS TO DO. But everybody needs a study snack. STOP BEING SUCH A LAZYASS. Sigh.

View and download the full printable recipe:

PS. We recently realized we had foolishly disabled comments for our previous posts. Please give us a break, we’re new at this! But really, chime in below! Both Chu and I love and appreciate the feedback :)

11 responses to “Cheesy Sundried Tomato Crackers

  1. I had no idea these were so easy to make! I’ve been feeling guilty lately that in haven’t been using my stand mixer. This will put it to good use! :d

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