Sweet Potato Soup w/ Bacon


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

In honour of this wonderful holiday (which I consider to be the best dinner-centric day of the year) I’ve decided to share a recipe featuring two ingredients I am so incredibly thankful we have on this earth.

The first one is a no-brainer: Bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon? (Chungwon: I DON’T!!) (Everyone else: shush, you)

The second one will probably be more polarizing (Though Chu’s actually with me on this one): Sweet potatoes. What do you guys think? Yay or nay? Sound off in the comments below.

I think it’s a Tan thing. We Tan’s love us some sweet potatoes. Roasted, caramelized, cooked into congee, made into a dessert, you name it. Growing up (and to this day), I regularly ate and enjoyed whole steamed sweet potatoes with just a little sprinkle of salt for breakfast. One time I was running late for a morning class and I ran for my bus, steamed purple sweet potato in hand, and ate in the company of a crowd of half-asleep students to a few curious stares. So yeah, you could say that I

A. have very little shame when it comes to food, and
B. have been successfully groomed to love sweet potatoes.

I first made this soup completely on a whim one day when I was craving sweet potatoes and happened to have some bacon lying around. It’s filling without being very heavy, and creamy without having any dairy in it. Not only is it super easy to make, but eating it gives me warm fuzzies inside because the salty + sweet flavour combination is divine and I just always feel good eating sweet potatoes. I won’t get into the gritty details, but sweet potatoes are awesome for you. Especially digestively speaking. OK, I’ll stop.

I’ve made this recipe with both yellow and orange varieties of sweet potatoes and it came out equally tasty every time. Maybe it’s because regardless of which colour potato you go with, THERE’S BACON IN IT.

OK enough talk, to the soup!

It all starts with the bacon.

Crisp up some chopped bacon in a medium-sized saucepan and set aside for later use. Then add the aromatics – onions and garlic (sometimes I throw in a few chunks of carrot in there too) – to the pan and sauté them in the bacon drippings until softened.


Peel your sweet potatoes and cut them into medium-sized chunks. Add these to the pot along with some chicken stock.

Add enough water so that the sweet potatoes are JUST fully submerged in liquid like so:

Once the sweet potatoes are fully cooked through, turn off the heat and puree the soup until gorgeous and smooth. I like to use an immersion blender but you could also do this in a regular blender – in batches if it all doesn’t fit at once.

Ladle into bowls, sprinkle with reserve bacon on top and serve!
I mean I guess if I wanted to make it vegetarian, I could substitute some thinly sliced garlic for the bacon and use vegetable stock instead. But lets be perfectly honest here: when am I not going to want the bacon?

View and download the full printable recipe:


3 responses to “Sweet Potato Soup w/ Bacon

  1. I LOVE ME SOME BACON! Hot creamy soups are so perfect now that the weather is getting so cold! I totally want to try this recipe, but right now I have no real bacon in my fridge. I recently bought a pack of chicken bacon, and I have a sneaky suspicion it isn’t nearly as delicious as the real stuff. Sigh. I hate myself for trying to be healthy sometimes.

    PS, do you use homemade or store-bought chicken stock?

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