Dark Chocolate Pistachio Sables

(Some of you got a sneak peek at this post when we accidentally published it prematurely yesterday morning. Sorry for the suspense, but here it is in its entirety :) ) 


Motivation can be a tricky thing.

You all know what I’m talking about. All you students especially.

Even when you’re an undeniable nerd, there’s no real way to know when bouts of motivation will hit you instantly and when they will be infuriatingly elusive.

Case in point: I save a lot of recipes. I have, I would say well over 100 recipes saved and bookmarked both in print and online, some from as far back as my teen years. When will I finally get through them all? Your guess is as good as mine. What’s that? Probably never? Yeah, I’m with you on that one.

Every once in a while though, a recipe or ingredient will come along that I become obsessed with. I already mentioned the popsicle phase I had this past summer, and I can tell you right now that as we speak, I have a buddy with Amazon Prime babysitting some freeze-dried corn for me. Why? Because I am SO f*cking motivated to make these momofuku corn cookies that I couldn’t just wait for freeze-dried corn to become widely available in Canada somehow. (Thanks for the favour, Nick!) Stay tuned for a post on that highly anticipated experiment.

These Dark Chocolate Pistachio Sables right here? They are another of the motivation-inducing variety.


The minute I came across the original recipe on Smitten Kitchen, I knew I would find an excuse to make them as soon as possible. And I did. A little over a week ago, we had Fall Convocation at SFU and because I enjoy killing two birds with one stone, I said congratulations/I’m jealous with these.

I made a few adjustments to the original, the biggest of which was to use melted chocolate instead of grating (what a mess) or grinding (me no food processor).

Melt chocolate in a double boiler for best results. See full recipe for details :)

When I thought about what would go well on top of these little beauties, it was kind of a no-brainer:


I mean how can you say no to those? The result is a delightful cookie with an intensely dark chocolate flavour and a sandy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. The pistachios also add a bit of saltiness which I am all over.

The dough starts off with sifting together some flour, dutch-processed cocoa, and some baking soda. I like to do this on a piece of parchment instead of a bowl. One less dish to wash, plus it’s way easier to transfer to my wet ingredients later.


Then, cream together butter, sugar & salt in a bowl until light and fluffy. Add egg yolk & vanilla and stir to combine. Pretend we remembered to take pictures of these steps and that we put them right:

here (Chu: “NOOOOOO”)

Add the melted chocolate, followed by the dry ingredients in to your creamed butter mixture and you’ll end up with a soft dough. Shape it into a disc and leave it to rest for a quick bit in the fridge.


Because of the amount of chocolate in the dough, I don’t recommend leaving it in the fridge any longer than 30 minutes or else it will become too hard and difficult to roll out. If you do this accidentally and end up with a rock solid disc of dough, don’t fret! Just give the dough a bit of a knead and the warmth from your hands should re-soften it enough for an easier roll.

When you’re ready, roll the dough out to about 1/8 of an inch for thin sables and 1/4 of an inch for thick ones. I used a fluted circular cookie cutter for my sables.


Don’t forget to sprinkle on the chopped pistachios before you pop them in the oven! Be generous, you won’t regret it. As an added bonus, after you’re done sprinkling, you get to enjoy something I like to call “pistachio fingers”. I would elaborate but you probably get the picture.


I mean, I don’t want to boast, but my friend and brand spanking new graduate Nelson told me that he left these unattended and came back to a half-empty bag. And apparently the Meira’s have high standards about these things.


If, by chance, you have a nut allergy or pistachios just aren’t your jam, a light sprinkle of raw sugar on top of these is lovely as well.

View and download the full printable recipe:


7 responses to “Dark Chocolate Pistachio Sables

  1. I made a double batch of these cookies to go to a cookie exchange before Xmas. My son got sick and I could not go. I ended up taking these cookies to every occasion we went to in Dec. Everyone needed the recipe. I think all my family and friends will be making these. I did add a drizzle of good caramel to some (salted caramel idea tied to the pistachios) and they were good. Thank you for the recipe and the description that made me make them. I do not have a lot of extra time to bake and appreciate a recipe that matches the words.

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