Cream Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches


Straight up, this is probably the easiest recipe you will ever find on this blog. Or any other blog, or cookbook, or device yet to be invented for that matter. Incidentally, it is also one of the best desserts/midnight snacks you will ever consume in your life. Yeah, you heard me. I’m not afraid of no bold statements.

Have you ever had a cream cracker? Specifically, Hup Seng brand?


They are a Tan family staple but I’m not sure how popular they are with people who have no Southeast Asian roots. In case you haven’t, let me give you the inside scoop on these adorable little puffed up squares.

Cream crackers are like the best food wingmen ever.

You can eat them with practically anything and they make everything taste better. They have a light buttery flavour and are super flaky and crisp without being dry. My favourite way to eat them has always been plain, alongside a hot beverage. Like a Milo, another Southeast Asian gem. (Side note: Milo McFlurries are a thing in Brunei and I want one so bad)

Here in Vancouver, you can usually find cream crackers at an asian supermarket, or even sometimes the asian foods aisle at a regular supermarket.

Anyway, the other day, I was at T&T and my mom and I spotted something in the freezer section that made us go nuts. Ice cream sandwiches MADE WITH CREAM CRACKERS. WHAT A GENIUS IDEA. Seriously, mad props to whoever came up with this.

So naturally, I stole the idea and made them at home instead of buying the pre-packaged version.

I sometimes find that ice cream sandwiches made with regular cookies are a tad too sweet/rich for my liking, but with the cream crackers, you get a sandwich with a nice light crispy crunch that allows the thick ice cream interior to shine through.


Eat these and you’ll see what I mean about cream crackers being awesome wingmen.

All you have to do is line any square/rectangular pan or dish you have with saran wrap, fill it with some of your favourite softened ice cream (I used some homemade vanilla bean), freeze until firm, and then cut out little blocks of ice cream to go in between your cream crackers. Yum.


It’s fitting that we decided to publish this recipe today. Though he would never call it a particularly special day himself, my loving, hilarious, and occasionally adorable father turns 60 today. He grew up on cream crackers too. When I was younger and just being introduced to cream crackers, I remember telling him once that I didn’t think they were that great. His reply?

Then what are you eating them for? You’re taking them away from the people who actually like them. 

Snarky, blunt, and shameless. I acquired some of my strongest character traits from that man. In truth, he would love nothing more than for no one to make a big deal out of this ‘ordinary day’. So I’m hoping that dedicating this recipe featuring the very humble and nostalgia-filled cream cracker to the occasion is just under the radar enough for him. Happy ordinary day, 爸. It’s just like any other.


Hasn’t aged a day since this picture was taken.

Full disclosure: I am not in any way affiliated with Hup Seng or any other brand of cream crackers. I have been eating them forever and legit think cream crackers are the bomb. 

Download and print the full recipe in PDF below:


4 responses to “Cream Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches

  1. “what are you eating them for?” – YOUR DAD IS SO COOL! Happy birthday Mr. Tan!!!

    I know I’m not super Asian, but is it weird I never heard of Hup Seng? Either way those look yum! I wonder how other ice cream flavours would taste with it :)

    • No, it’s not weird at all. They’re Malaysian and I don’t know what else they make other than cream crackers. I’m positive they would go well with every flavour. Even durian would be a perfect fit!

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