First thing’s first. Let’s get our introductions on.

Hi, I’m Alison. Let me answer some questions you probably have about our blog. 

What do you mean “Fairly Nerdy”?

Well friend, I mean that I, being me, tend to veer on the nerdy side given the fact that I am in fact, a nerd. Often about food. Sometimes about math. Or the digestive system. Other times about Harry Potter and LOST. I could go on.

You know when you were growing up and would get all excited in the summers because you could stay up late to watch episodes of South Park every night? Well I would get excited because I could stay up to watch maybe South Park, often Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and ALWAYS the Food Network. All the good Food Network shows were on after midnight then, don’t ask me why.

The truth is I love learning about food – almost as much as I love eating it. And I was lucky enough to grow up in a household where the kitchen was an open playing field. As long as I didn’t waste any food, I was allowed to cook with it. To some of you, this will sound dangerous, but it taught me at an early age not to be afraid of experimenting in the kitchen and to learn from each and every mistake. Lucky for me, there also isn’t much a Chinese family, originally from Brunei and living in Canada won’t eat.

The even cooler truth is that I think everyone has a little nerd in them. Isn’t there SOMETHING you’re super nerdy about? Both versions of Love & Hip Hop? (My sister) Turtles and Nikola Tesla? (My crazy wonderful friend) DC Comics?? (This girl) Nerd on!


Are you a professional?

No. I research recipes and ingredients and experiment in the kitchen purely for pleasure. It’s the mark of a true nerd.

Let me ask you something, when you’re eating, say a really good cheesecake, are you thinking: Hmm..I wonder what makes this so creamy? How many eggs are in here? Is it just the yolks and not the whites? I wonder if this is set with gelatin. Was it baked in a waterbath? How much actual cream cheese did they use? Did they use mascarpone instead? Is that why it’s so lovely and fragrant?

No? Well that’s what’s happening in my head. My nerdy self is quite simply always curious to know how everything I love to eat is made. She may not always actually want to make everything herself (sorry macarons, you’re kind of a pain) but it gives her comfort to know that she knows things. Yes, it’s that shallow. And for the record, if you happened to answer yes to the above: Welcome nerd, you’ve got a friend in me.

You’ll notice I bake a lot. Not because I prefer desserts – I’m actually not much of a sweet tooth and will take dinner over dessert most nights – but I suspect because baking is more of a chemistry and thus more interesting to me. I mentioned I like math, right?

Who is the incredible super-genius responsible for making us look good?

 It’s important for you to know that this blog is manned by an extremely formidable humble two-man team. Well, two-woman. One of us is in charge of aesthetics and does everything (including boss me around) to make the food look as drool-worthy as possible. We’ll call her Chungwon (because that’s her name). She too is a food nerd who will stop at nothing for a perfectly focused shot and is worth her weight in gold. She comes equipped with inherited knowledge about the health and science of food and has had a lifelong love affair with strawberries. I don’t want to sound overdramatic, but it’s borderline inappropriate.

Anyway, we hope to share with you every recipe in our arsenal that makes eating our favourite hobby. In return, we ask that you share your thoughts and expertise with us and give these nerds all they can handle and more. Deal? Deal.

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